Welcome Affiliates


BlackMP offers an Affiliate Program and we welcome the opportunity to partner with you!

Earn money while helping your visitors get healthy! By simply promoting BlackMP on your website, you can receive $5 EVERY TIME a bottle of BlackMP is sold.  Join the top online Water program!




Benefits of the BlackMP Affiliate Program:

  • Receive $5 for every bottle sold…the best rate in the industry.
  • Alternative discount option – pass along the savings to your customers.
  • Wide variety of links and banners to choose from.
  • Immediate access to your account upon sign up.
  • Comprehensive reporting tools for tracking sales, commissions and traffic.
  • Full marketing and technical support from our dedicated affiliate team.

Partnering with BlackMP means your audience will have access to high quality products. Signing up for the BlackMP affiliate program is easy and only takes a couple of minutes to complete. Start enjoying the benefits of membership today!

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